Family Values

Have you ever taken the time to formally identify and/or prioritize your own values? Congratulations to you if you have as most others haven’t.  This thought provoking exercise is worthwhile, […] Read More

Are you ready?

He’s Just Not Ready

Succession planning in the family business world is a daunting undertaking and, like other difficult initiatives, family business owners often elect to ignore the issue or procrastinate in having the […] Read More

balancing scale with figures sitting on top

Fair vs Equal

Last month, we discussed the need for every business family to have their Wills, Powers of Attorney and Succession Plans in place.  As a follow-up, this column addresses the need […] Read More

What Does Your Will Say?

Here are two very important questions for all of you. The first important question:  “What would your family do tomorrow, if you unexpectedly died tomorrow?”  For most business families, there […] Read More

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Your Family Business

What is more challenging: understanding the complexities of your family or managing your own business?  Now imagine how those complexities may be magnified if are operating a family business that […] Read More