Your Family Business

Thank you for connecting to, a blog created to get both families and their trusted advisors thinking about and discussing issues that family business owners need to consider when creating a plan to successfully transition their family enterprises to the next generation.

What I hope this blog does for families is help them realize that the transition of their family enterprise needs a well thought out succession plan; one that considers the wants and needs of all members of the family and has obtained each member’s commitment to their role in the succession plan and the process their family adopted in formulating the succession plan.

In reviewing each post, families will soon note that the articles raise a number of issues but provide no answers.  The simple reason for this is that no two enterprising families are alike and suggesting that there is only one approach to be taken to resolve an issue would be foolhardy and would fail to take into consideration the unique needs of families.

If you are an advisor to families, I hope this blog assists you in raising and flushing out issues that your business family client may have and that you will share these posts with your clients.  I also urge you to comment on the posts or contribute your own posts to this blog so that all advisors and families can better understand the issues from different perspectives and from a multitude of professional disciplines. Feel free to share the posts with your clients and colleagues but please provide each contributor credit for the efforts they have taken in preparing their posts.

Otherwise, I hope that everyone reviewing the posts enjoys them and learns something new from them.